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When I reflect on my posts, I find that I am much more willing to not only excuse, but rationalize pretty bad behavior in female characters mostly because it’s refreshing to see women being bad instead of saccharine sweet. I empathize with Esther even at her worst. Again this excuse for bad behaviour comes up in my blog post for Frances Ha. While a lot of people rightly critiqued her for her choices, I was much more willing to rationalize them and accept them because I liked that she was a deeply flawed character who was desperately trying to be happy. I liked the portrayal of loneliness that one feels when they believe they’ve been left behind. Perhaps this comes from seeing the ugliest parts of myself represented and reflected in a way that tells me I’m not alone.

My favorite part about writing these posts is being able to really reflect upon things that we were assigned. I would never have watched Francis Ha on my own or have read Parables of the Sower but these blog posts force me to look deeply to find what it is about it that I like or dislike or in the case of Parables of the Sower to reflect on how the things we see and read relate to us and the world we live in. Seeing as my first introduction into blogging was a Twilight site dedicated to Edward Cullen, I think I’ve come pretty far in these past couple months of writing.


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