As I reflect on my term one posts, I notice that my main topics revolve around feminism and womanhood. I think my post  progressed to become more narrow and direct by tackling only one major theme per post, as the term went on. The changes I notice throughout my post have become less personal and more universal. I think the events that occurred in the world, such as the United States election,account for these changes because it reminds me that their are greater sufferings then I can relate to that need  universal partnership with those who are ill treated; such as the Muslim community, women, LGBTQ, and many more.

My ability to narrow down on what really mattered in the weekly readings is what surprised me as I reread my work chronologically. I feel that now if there is one concern that really  speaks out to me, then that is what I should focus my post on. I notice that the most common threads throughout my posts that I know I will revisit this term are of  Feminism and Womanhood. These two broad ideas are ones that I want to explore not only in the course but in my own life, although being a Poli-Sci major I would like to incorporate more worldly connections to my future blogs.

The aspects of the weekly blogging that I value most is the opportunity to reflect on the reading and having the opportunity to read what my classmates views  on the weekly topic are. This helps me to think outside of my own response and see how other people relate to the context.



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