A Blog on Blogging

As the year progresses and weeks pass by, the blog posts we are required to write continue to become a natural part of my weekly routine; each entry forcing me to voice opinions on topics I previously may not have even known existed. At the start, however, it was a struggle. Being judged for my writing style, the thought of my opinion offending someone, being wrong, and merely being unable to form a concrete opinion of my own was intimidating.

It wasn’t hard for me to decide what to write about in my first post, the “Sad Girl Theory” piece had captured my attention and I knew exactly what I thought of Audrey Wollens’ ideas. The writing process, however, proved to be difficult. Whilst being consumed with writing a perfect post, and worrying about what people would think, I lost the enjoyment I normally experience from writing.

My scramble for perfection continued through the first couple entries. It is only recently I have come to realize that there is no perfect blog post, as it is impossible to please everyone. Each post is a chance for us to voice our opinions while admiring and learning from the words of others. I no longer find it stressful to push the “post” button, nor does it take me an hour to finish writing an entry. Now, I write for myself.


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