My Metablog

Blogging is something that I myself have never tired before, and at first I was unsure if it was something I would be able to enjoy. The thought of having to express my feelings with others and share my outlook on such “touchy” subjects frightened me.

When reading over my previous blog posts I noticed a progression, each new blog post contained more personal ideas and connections to the topics discussed and read in class. I think the more I blogged and the more I read the blog posts of other students I realized that a blog is supposed to be personal and that I shouldn’t be scared to speak my mind.

In my second blog post about The Parable of the Sower I noticed I was connecting the book to a show I was watching at the time and it was easy for me to do but didn’t seem meaning full enough. But when looking at some more of my recent blog posts like “Am I a Bad Feminist?” I noticed I connected many experiences from my own life into the post, and although it may have been more difficult it also seemed more accurate to what a blog post should be.

I think blogging is one of my new favourite things, at least my favourite academic requirement. It allows you to connected big things that are real and happening in our society to what may be going on in the little world of your own. I think it is very healthy for a person to have knowledge about the world and be able to have their input on what they think about it. Blogging has been a learning experience for me so far and i am excited to see where it takes me and what it will teach me next.


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