Prior to taking this course, I had very little experience with blogging. Writing a blog always seemed so terrifyingly open-ended — a form of writing that I had believed to require some sort of dazzling wit, or an avant-garde point of view. However, after completing a couple posts, I realized that blogging is actually far less daunting than I had previously imagined.

In my blogs, I have tried to incorporate personal anecdotes and experiences where possible, rather than simply analyzing the required material. It has been difficult to decide what type of tone to use when writing; I know that blogs are supposed to be personalized, but ultimately these blogs are a graded assignment, so finding a balance between formality and informality has proved challenging. Furthermore, I am a strong believer that there is no right or wrong way to be a woman or feminist, and I definitely think that this outlook is represented in my analysis of certain topics. Throughout the first semester, my posts have found more focus. For my first blog, which was written about The Bell Jar, I presented my impression of the overarching themes of the book. However, as I continued to become more comfortable with blogging, I determined that it would be more powerful for my blogs to be more specifically directed at an aspect of the reading that was meaningful to me.

Throughout the past few months, I have begun to really value blogging. Although it can be somewhat arbitrary, blogging requires a great deal of reflection and self-examination, which I have found extremely personally gratifying.


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