Metablog: A Shift in Understanding

Looking through my first five blogs, I can’t help but notice a distinct shift towards more and more specific content. I’d like to accredit this shift to two things: an emerging ability to relate more to the content, and a newfound sense of knowledge of the overall themes of the course.

For example, my blog post, the Problem with the Bell Jar, was rather misdirected. I found it hard for myself to find an exact purpose to my post, nor a key point to stress. The novel itself was difficult for me to understand in addition to the fact that the themes of the class were still quite new to me.

Yet, overtime, I found myself delving deeper into the books, articles and films that we reviewed, becoming more passionate and able to relate with every topic we do, until, I eventually reached content such as The Parable of the Sower, a book about a world so different from my own, and yet I was fully capable of finding parallels to our universe in its story.

And finally, in my last blog post, Methods of Achieving Feminist Goals, I am able to draw upon my own life experiences, apply them to the themes and content of the class, as well as form an argument that is cohesive, developed and, dare I say, original. Through my blogs, I go through a process that fully exemplifies not only a higher skill level of analysis, but an overall greater understanding of the key themes of the class.


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