Reflecting on my blog posts from the previous semester, I found myself usually writing about my own take and opinion of the reading we had been given that week or regarding the content being covered at that point in the seminar. Looking back at my blog posts I found myself trying to relay the same message – to speak out. Regarding Sad Girl Theory, in my first blog post I mentioned how one should openly cry and not have to hide in a bathroom stall or their bedroom but openly embrace your feelings of sadness and be able to cry publicly with no shame. A lot of the topics we have spoken about in class are ones that I’m not necessarily unfamiliar with but had never really spoken about them publicly given the cultures of the places I grew up in. Growing up, all I ever wanted to do was not conform to the sexist norms Pakistani cultures place on girls from a young age or the sexist norms emphasized on girls in the Middle East as well. I grew up in a fairly liberal household but these norms were still very much present and found their way into my life. This seminar is helped me understand not just feminism but what it means to be a girl in today’s society as well. What I look most forward to this semester after going through the spring syllabus, is the Stanford rape victim’s case and Brock Turner.

I had never really blogged before up until this class but the more blog posts I write the more comfortable I get with the concept of it. The more comfortable I get, the easier it is for me to write about other topics and open up.





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