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After reading all of the blogs I have written so far throughout this course, I did notice some reoccurring themes in my writing. One example would be that some of my blogs tend to end off with strong points that express morals or lessons that I believe can be learned from the readings. In my “Frances Ha” blog, this example can be seen when I conclude my blog by talking about the character of Frances and her life using the specific quote: “Overall, I think that this movie sends out a good message in terms of not being reluctant in taking on new opportunities or experiences in life.” In another one of my blogs “Being a Woman: The Hardest Job”, I ended it off in a similar fashion by discussing the theme of beauty as well as the issues that surround it and how women should be able to express beauty in the ways that they desire. The quote from the blog was: “However, women should care about being beautiful in the way that they WANT to be and not allow society to define them. At the end of the day, beauty is just a perception and there are multiple ways to perceive it.”.  Another theme that tends to reoccur throughout my blogs is where I point out issues or topics that are controversial and I elaborate on them. I will use real world examples to help support my writing as well. To conclude, one thing that I look forward to with weekly blogs is the opportunity to further increase my knowledge on a variety of controversial topics that we learn about in readings or discuss during class.  I find that writing blogs helps me become more educated and informed and I believe that that is very important.


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