An Angry Lesbian Criticizes Sheila

“How Should a Person Be?” was a surprisingly gripping novel for me. I stuck with it until the end, not because I liked it, but to see if Sheila and Margaux would end up together. I kept hoping that in some gloriously ironic twist, Sheila would end up with a woman.

Sheila’s behaviour sat wrong with me. She seemed like a person that I wouldn’t want to hang out with, and who (quite frankly) probably wouldn’t want to hang out with me. In her own words: “Two women was an alchemy I did not understand”. My biggest problem with Sheila lies in this, and several other quotes where she chooses to make undoubtedly clear that she believed a woman could never “land in another woman’s heart” due to its “wobbly” Jell-O-like nature. At first I was angry, and then I felt bad for her not being able to see the complete and utter MAGIC of relationships between women. However, the emotion that I stuck with was an angry astonishment. How does one person just disregard any and all connections between women as “wobbly”? I took great offence to this because I have landed in women’s hearts, and many women have landed in my heart. As sisters, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, friends and lovers – so I didn’t (and still don’t understand) this exceedingly moronic claim.

Alas, Sheila did not end up with a woman in the end, but at least she was able to find friendship in Margaux. Hope she likes Jell-O.


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