Love, Amy- Collab Project

BY: Harrani, Sofia, Kelsey G, Kelsey, Sadaf

Hello everyone so for our collaborative project we have combined many prevalent female issues to put together a “diary format” from the perspective of Amy growing up in the 21st century. We are hoping to give you some insight on how a girl might feel or act during different periods of her age, in accordance with the social pressures and norms around her. We will be exploring 5 main themes:

– Socialization

– Impact of Disney princess or Media at a young age

– Self Image and Eating Disorders

– Social Media and Drug Abuse

– Party Culture and Rape Culture

– Breaking the Glass Ceiling

During our presentation on Tuesday you will experience both a first person perspective as Amy who is writing in her Diary, and you will get an analysis and key factors of the distinct age. Looking forward to some feedback!

Love, Amy Presentation


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