When Hairy Met Sally

Shaving my body hair has always been something that I hated about being a woman. It’s an extra task requiring constant upkeep. I know I can stop at any time, and that if I choose to bear all as opposed to bare all, there’s nothing anyone can say about it. The sad truth is, I hate the way that looks.

Reading Petra Collins’ essay about how her pubic hair photo was censored from the internet got me thinking about my own hatred of pubic hair, and I realized that I only hate it because of the way society portrays other women. The way that censorship in media works isn’t necessarily to cover up all that is too sexual, as demonstrated by the constant influx of sizeable butts and perfect breasts, but to cover up everything they deem too ugly. The reason Petra’s photo was removed wasn’t because it showed she, like every other woman in a bikini photo, has a vagina, it was removed because it was decidedly too unappealing to the general public.

To say that something as natural as pubic hair is disgusting affects girls everywhere, driving them to extremes to make their bodies conform to what society wants. I know this firsthand, and it breaks my heart to know how many other girls out there now have a negative view of their body simply due to an evolutionary adaptation. It’s time we start associating positivity with pubic hair, and teaching girls that pubic hair is, well, natural.


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