Methods of Achieving Feminist Goals

Growing up, I learned feminism from my mom. Her version of feminism was one from a different generation and a different culture, a time and place where it was a novelty for women to even go to university let alone have a professional career. To her, what she wanted for me and my two sisters was to get an education and become independent adults, the thought of marriage something that should be decided much later in life.  

She believes that if girls want to be treated the same as men, they needed to act the part. She puts the responsibility on the women to dress appropriately and to act appropriately, and for a long time, I held the same views. It wasn’t until I became more familiar with the online approaches to feminism that I realized that the actions of women are not the problem. However, I am afraid that in the society that we live in, there is a greater chance of success if women were to take action than expecting men to.

Thus I am unsure about how the feminist movement should move forward. It is undoubtedly the fault of the men and not the women, but I have to ask the question: would women have more success in the pursuit equality if they were willing to work slowly alongside the men, instead of proposing changes that while crucial are also great challenges to the status quo?     


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