Censorship’s True Purpose

Petra Collins’ essay “Censorship and The Female Body” did a good job at showing just how brainwashing the media can be. Not only are we taught what women should look and act like, but we are constantly flooded with images to reinforce the norm. The point Collins got at was that, even though the internet is a free space where all sorts of people should be able to express themselves, if your content doesn’t comply with said norms, it can easily be deleted for you.

We are subconsciously forced to be like the “ideal woman” because we are deprived of images of anything else. Even though I do agree that this issue can seem like a “21st century privileged problem,” it is a problem regardless. If we accept not only the omission of images that aren’t considered perfect, but also the slut-shaming, fat calling, degrading commentary allowed on the internet, we are going back and time and giving back the freedoms we fought so hard for.

Also, if internet censoring is intended to make the internet a safer place, why would you delete a picture of a woman comfortable with her body, and not the thousands of negative responses she got? She did not violate the nudity rule, yet the hateful rule was most definitely broken by the aggressive public. This proves that the real use for censorship isn’t to make people more comfortable on the app, but rather to keep only “normal” users active.


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