Are you Instaglam Enough?

When scrolling through the search feed on Instagram, you are bombarded with pictures of countless faces, animals, meals, vacation spots, selfies and almost everything else under the sun.  It’s not surprising to see a half naked model, approximately 100 pounds, clad in nothing but lingerie starring seductively through your screen.  You don’t think twice.  After reading “Censorship and the Female Body”, however, I most certainly will.

The images you see of girls on social media are merely a representation of what society wants every girl to strive to be.  They are a reminder that society has standards, and a reminder that if you do not weigh 100 pounds, and are perfectly toned, with just the right amount of butt and bust, those standards are unreachable. They are a reminder that if following society’s standards, women cannot display what it is actually like to be a woman. As in Petra Collins article, the slightest view of body hair is unacceptable and apparently, “too explicit”.  For a social media platform, which is supposedly intended to be liberating, progressive, and a place where one can freely express themselves, it has proved itself to be nothing but a backwards moving, body – shaming machine.


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