Well That Wasn’t Hairy Nice

After finishing Petra Collins’ essay, Censorship and The Female Body, I came to realize how filtered the media is and how it affects us as women. We live in a world where we are constantly pressured to censor our bodies as if we are hiding sins. But at what age were we taught that our bodies were something to be ashamed of?

Petra Collins’ instagram account was deleted because she presented herself in a way that didn’t fit society’s norm. She committed the treacherous act of embracing her pubic hair. Body hair is something that comes naturally to us, yet it is deemed unacceptable to keep.

As a woman, i’m constantly reminded of the double standard, “who can show what” by the media. It’s arbitrary to dictate what is acceptable and what is not in terms of the human body. Everyone has pubic hair and everyone has nipples, but only when a woman embraces hers that it is deemed inappropriate. 

The media is one of the biggest influencers in our lives, so rather than shaming female bodies they should be promoting the normalization of them. Young girls shouldn’t have to grow up worrying about their body, they should be learning to love them. We live in a society where our bodies need to be censored to be considered normal, clearly something needs to change.


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