Society says “Not Ok”

It is always interesting when the topic of the female body is being brought up. The female body is seen as something that has been sexualized for a long time. The “proper” female body, as media portrays it to be, has to be skinny and not fat. Or you have to dress a certain way, like making sure that you don’t wear a skirt if your legs are not shaved/waxed. These ideologies of the female body and what it should look like should not exist.Petra Collins did nothing wrong by posting whatever it is that she posted. It was her instagram account that got deleted because of the picture; she stated that she did not violate any of Instagram’s rules, and from what I saw just by simply looking at the picture I knew that she did nothing wrong either. Females should not have to feel like there is this standard of how and what we should do to our bodies. My body is my body and your body is your body.

Women have been sexualized for a long time now, and its gonna keep being this way for a very long time. Why is it that males get praised for showing off their bodies and having sex with so many women, but women cannot do the same? Why can’t women show off their bodies and have sex its whoever they want? It really is unfair. The only for an individual to truly feel like their body is their body, is if they ignore what is being said in the real world. As a female, I try to express and present myself in the way that I want to, not because other people want me to. But at times it does it hard, and I do agree with Petra when there will be people out there judging you all the time. Overall, everyone has a right to their own body and can make choices for themselves and how they want to be presented.


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