Periods happen. Period.

In The Ardorous picture series has a marvellous array of pictures; but the one that caught my eye the most was the collection of There Will Be Blood by Arvida Bystrom. These pictures contained an array of woman doing every day things such as; showering, exercising, waiting for the bus, etc. What makes these pictures important is that the woman have blood running down their legs as a result of menstruation. This collection of pictures takes what is so shameful to women- their period- and makes it the focal point of the project.

This movement of embracing our biology and the reality of periods is one that empowers the female body and all its wonders. Pictures like these bring awareness to the reality of menstruation-societies dirty little secret. Wearing pads and tampons are simply a way to hide and disguise what’s actually happening to the female body, mainly it makes others, more specifically men, uncomfortable. It is astounding how unorthodox these pictures are even though a majority woman experience periods once a month for at least 30 years of their life. By showing what someone freely bleeding looks like as they carry on their day shows that it does not effect them. It does not distract them. It does not suppress them.

Through these pictures I feel liberated. It is a reminder that what you do to your body is your choice. That even though society labels things like menstruation, breastfeeding, cramps, and aging as vile things-us women won’t let that conform us. Periods happen. Period.


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