Free the Nipple

Reading Petra Collin’s Censorship essay was not shocking to me at all. I’m not surprised that her pubic hair was censored or that TMZ cancelled her interview or any of the examples she’s shared of women being shut down. But it does remind me of all the ingenious ways women fought back from these censorships. The female nipple is probably the oddest censorship i will never understand when all you ever see are men’s nipples everywhere. So to combat this issue, girls would instragram a nude selfie but would cutout a picture of a guy’s nipple and past it onto their “explicit” nipple. That whole movement was incredibly heartening and i would’ve joined if only i was courageous enough. To me it really showed how foolish these censorships were, an illegal nipple and a legal nipple. That movement also reminded me if you don’t take the negativity seriously, it doesn’t matter. Just as when someone comments “disgusting” or yells “SLUT” to you on the street, if you don’t let it affect you, it won’t. It is easier said than done but when it happens i usually like to just laugh at them. And i mean AT them not WITH them. It’s really effective because you realize their words are just empty threats. And soon words like slut ceases to mean anything offensive to me because so what if i like to fuck?  PCE.


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