Sorry (Not Sorry) if my Body Offends You

The women’s body has always been a figure of sexualisation. I know that I am not alone when I say I have personally experienced sexual harassment – whether it be in the work place, the gym, or simply walking down the street. What is it that makes us women appear as sex objects, as if we are not even a human being?

The Free the Nipple movement was created by Lina Esco in 2013. The movement’s main effort is to bring attention to the inequality between men and women, while also putting an end to the objectification of the female body. Anyone who uses social media, like Facebook or Instagram, is aware that showing a female nipple is taboo (unless of course it is for something like a porno), yet it is completely acceptable for a male to be seen topless. The nipple is a body part shared by all sexes, however it is only objectified when on the body of a woman. Why is there this double standard in our culture?

Additionally, young children look to others on social media and begin to see them as role models and follow suit. For example, when pictures of a woman’s pubic hair or her nipples are being deleted from the internet, due to being seen as inappropriate, this sends a message to adolescents everywhere. Women’s breasts are not the issue, it is the sexualisation of their bodies that is harmful to society.

We need to rely on social media to support this cultural shift. It is clear social media leaves a big impact on our lives. Without the backing from sites such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter we may never overcome the inequality between the sexes. It is time to put an end to this absurdity, this is the 21st century and it is about time for a change.


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