My body is my body.

After reading Petra Collins essay in response to her account being removed I was speechless. I was in utter shock that someone so distant from me was able to put my exact thoughts into pure art. Her words flowed in my ears and slipped off my tongue so beautifully, everything she said was true, like truthfully true. It is reality. It is society. We are engraved to think this way. We think the only images appealing are those of skinny, perfect models but what happens to the rest of the body types, what happens to the rest of the colours, ethnicities, religions present? What happens to them? It is disgusting to see people still think like this. Probably more now than before, but probably because change is not happening.

We are coming to together in the cry for despair, rather than celebrating or applauding each other’s success’. We are uniting to stand against society’s norms, standards, values, but this is one female fighting against conformity. This is one female being shun by social media, society, and people around her. This is one female who is fighting to be who she wants to be, and if we’re not fighting with her, when will society change?

This is a strong, moving essay that every women should read and understand. This is a piece of art explaining the flaws of our set up. This is a collective of words that resonate with more women then you might think. This is the struggle, this is what females go through and this is not fair.


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