Censorship and The Female Body


After reading “Censorship and the Female body” by Petra Collins, I realized what kind of disgusting and phony world we live in. A girl’s Instagram account gets deleted because she’s showing something every human being has. It is part of who we biologically and genetically are. Body hair should not be something a girl should be ashamed of. Every girl has it and is genetically born with it. Not removing it does not mean you are less of a girl than someone who does remove it.

Many celebrities in the media set a certain image that we, society, want to follow. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, who get butt and breast implants, laser their natural body hair, or get lip fillers to look better are something looked up upon. Society sets a certain image of a girl, and forces a girl to look and behave like it. The ones that reject to follow these standards are heavily denied by this world.

As a girl myself, I find it difficult to fit into this kind of world where everyone catcalls each other. The comments on social media might not affect me as much as it affected me 5 years ago. Young girls who are constantly called fat or ugly, and who feel the need to change their body are much more affected by these comments than someone who has been through it for a while. We shouldn’t be living in a world where we bring each other down, where people tell you, you are not perfect, we can’t continue to be living in this kind of world because at the end of the day everyone is perfect in their own way.


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