What is feminism?

Roxane Gay’s essays on feminism managed to explain feminism’s current state perfectly. She explained how many women are terrified to be associated with the movement because of the militant attitude it is connected with.  I personally loved the quote “Alas, poor feminism. So much responsibility keeps getting piled on the shoulders of a movement whose primary purpose is to achieve equality, in all realms, between men and women.” In reality, that’s all feminism is. There’s no need, in my perspective, for essential feminism’s angry disposition and hatred of seemingly everything. In the words of the Australian woman Su, feminism is “just women who don’t want to be treated like shit,” and I couldn’t have stated it better myself. I believe feminism just means equality between men and women, which should allow women to do whatever they desire, whether that be CEO of a major corporation, or a stay at home mom. For this reason, I do not agree with Elizabeth Wurtzel’s definition that “Real feminists earn a living, have money and means of their own.” If a woman wants to stay at home and take care of her children, she should be allowed to without judgement. She is no less of a feminist. We should empower women to do whatever they choose, not just what we personally want to do.


One thought on “What is feminism?

  1. Hi Sofia, I really like your last point here how a women should be allowed to do whatever she wants without judgement. A person should have freedom to adhere to what they want. This can include various careers and desires. We need to move away from the mindset that a feminist must be perfect, and follow certain ideals. Lately, I’ve read many articles that outline this “Bad Feminist” take on the movement. This is another article: http://www.feminist.com/resources/artspeech/genwom/whatisfem.htm I read for my sociology class. The article outlines that feminism allows you to be whoever you aspire to be, because you want to be exactly who you are. Most women connect to feminism through personal experiences, women who don’t align with it will find the connection when they are confronted with a situation. This can vary for every individual at different extents. This is important to remember, because no two feminist have the exact same experience. It’s bothersome to realize that we have built feminism, a movement for equal rights on the exact issue of stereotypes. We misconstructed the feminist ideology, on the same ground and barriers it was meant to disintegrate. Over the past years, we have come to accept feminism and deviated away from a fallacious mindset. However the next step is to cultivate the next generation through acceptance and knowledge. The only way to remove ignorance is through education and we have the power to do it.


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