Roxane Gay

In Roxane Gay’s chapter she talks about how she used to work with inner city students in Detroit. Being an African American, I know the challenges that many people of my race face. It is true from what Roxane writes that numerous amount of black students have a closed mindset because they listen to others or they simply have nobody to guide them. Roxane writes “When it comes to showing black students there are teachers who look like them, mentoring and supporting students, I believe it’s everyone’s job (regardless of ethnicity)”; which I totally agree with. There are students who believe they cannot achieve something because they do not see someone of their race doing it. Like Roxanne said, change can happen with mentoring and supporting the students. From reading Roxane’s book I truly wondered how change can happen not only for African American students but for women’s equality and rights as well. I look to celebrities and people with such big platforms. A questioned I formed through doing my reading was, why do celebrities with large platforms not use them to spread positive messages?  Some of the most popular celebrities in society today are singers and rappers. As Roxane states their songs are catchy but the message and lyrics are disgraceful.  They sing/rap about sex, drug and violence and think it’s acceptable. If lyrics like this were not portrayed maybe students/teenagers wouldn’t think it’s “cool” to skip school, do drugs and get involved with violence.  Maybe girls would not be seen as objects from the way they are portrayed in songs and music videos.


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