If I’m A Feminist, You’re A Feminist

I think in this day and age, rather than knowing the lexical meaning of words, a large amount of people would rather just create their own view on what a word means.

Being a ‘feminist’ is definitely not a word that I would use to describe myself, but if someone were to ask me if I am or not, the only correct answer I could give would be, yes. While I don’t use the word as a descriptor, it is not a word that I see as having a negative connotation. Unfortunately, to many people, labeling yourself as such indicates that you may hate men, only care about women’s right, or that you want to set rules for what a “proper” woman should look or behave like.

When I see the word ‘feminist’ it indicates that you support feminism, and when I see the word ‘feminism’ it indicates that you support equality between men and women. Yet, when a large portion of the population sees these words it seems as though it is threatening their way of life. I remember having a conversation in Grade 12 with one of my friends at the time, and she said how she isn’t a feminist. I asked her why she wouldn’t consider herself one and her reaction was quite irritating, because she said to me that I don’t understand what a feminist is and that she doesn’t hate men. The part that irritated me, though, was not her insulting me or her so-called “reason”, but femin


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