Bad Feminist: Roxane Gay

I have to agree with some of the perspectives and points that were expressed throughout this reading. I agree with the fact that feminism is taking more of a negative turn and used to label or categorize different types of women. It’s becoming a term that women are almost fearful of and don’t want to be associated with. Even when you are on the internet, there are constant jokes about feminism, they are not taken seriously, and are depicted as annoying. There is even an entire twitter page called “Meninist” that is dedicated to bashing feminist perspectives and causing people to turn against them. I guess that part of the reason why people do not want to identify as feminists, is not only because they may be avoiding these negative connotations, but also because they simply don’t know what constitutes the meaning of feminism. What exactly is it? To some, like myself, feminism is advocating for equality between men and women. To others, it’s meaning may fall somewhere along the lines of complete hatred towards men. The term is being tossed around constantly and I find that certain people will interpret it in different ways and unfortunately, a high number of these interpretations are not supportive. This is where the problem arises because feminism is being taken to these extreme levels that it causes the overall purpose of it (achieving equality) to be overlooked and it only seems to be doing the opposite by making women seem even more subordinate. Personally, I don’t believe it is effective for some women who identify as feminists to place such strong despise towards men. Instead, men and women should be working together to improve societal systems and achieve an overall equality.


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