“Bad Feminist”

Roxane Gay had a realistic approach to talking about feminism. All we need in today’s society is a bunch of girls and guys who are passionate about equal rights- isn’t that what feminism is about. However we have all these prenotions to determine what a feminist can be, and how they can behave. This is simply wrong, and we need to move away from this- no one is flawless.

A huge misconception amongst growing teenagers is what feminism is. Society often correlates between the interest in men and the ability to be a feminist together. I’ve first hand experienced this with my own friend. She will never use the word feminism in relation to herself, and if there was any conversation to do with it, she will straight up walk away. It is a sense of embarrassment she feels from the external factors of society. She thinks she needs to know all the right facts to be a feminist and if she ever was one she will be categorized as something she doesn’t want to be. An example would be the militant connotation Roxane Gay mentions.

Maybe one day, she will come to realize that if she’s not fighting for her own rights as a female then who will. It definitely takes personal experience to really align with a being a feminist. Before that we need to shift our views that a feminist can still be married, and have interest in men, and not have to be well off to be asking for her equal rights.


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