Am I A Part of the Problem?


I love what Roxanne Gay says about feminism in her introduction, that it is messy and imperfect but necessary and not something to be ashamed of. When I hear celebrities denounce feminism and say that instead, they are equalists I want to bash my head against a wall. When I hear women say they aren’t feminists I usually get the image of that girl who’s only friends with guys because girls are too much “drama”. Feminism isn’t a rallying call against men but a call for everyone, regardless of gender or sex to come together. Feminism benefits EVERYBODY not just women and I feel this is left out of the conversation too often. When we reject societal expectations of what gender entails it benefits everyone. Feminism is flawed and it is too often that the only perspectives widely published are those of able-bodied, wealthy, white women but that is a call for change, not abandonment.

I am proud to label myself a feminist but like Gay, I would preface it with bad. I too listen to problematic music (The Weeknd on full blast), I too watched Fifty Shades of Grey (hilarious at all the parts where it’s not supposed to be), I too read horrible chick lit books (and swoon at them too, cringe). But I also support the right to safe abortions, I acknowledge that there is a pay gap between men and women (which is much wider for women of colour), and I acknowledge that rape culture is real and terrifying. I am a bad feminist, but aren’t we all?


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