Viewer Discretion is Advised

After reading Roxane Gay’s The Illusion of Safety / The safety of Illusion I sat overwhelmed with all my conflicting feelings. I understand that there are instances where trigger warnings are more excessive than helpful, however, that is not always the case. Authors have the right to express their ideas, but with great power becomes great responsibility. Unlike the other blogs posted, I feel they have an obligation to warn the public about potential triggers. Just because an individual has not suffered from a trauma similar to the one being discussed, does not mean it wont negatively affect a reader who has. I find it very difficult to think in the means of accusing trigger warnings as a form of avoidance. The main use is to give a warning to the audience about what the article endures, as a caution so the individual can make the choice whether they want to continue reading. Every one copes with emotional distress in a different way, thus, it is not up to one person to make that choice for them. In the case that the author has happened to over look a trigger, it is important to give the readers the ability to add trigger warnings if deemed necessary. Of course, the internet has become swarmed as they are now being used on unnecessary subjects, which I believe gives them a bad rep. Though, the original concept of the trigger warning should not be ignored as in todays harmful society, we need to take each other into consideration. It may not always be an answer of protection for everyone, but even if it saves one person from reliving their suffering, I feel the warning was a success.


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