“just women who don’t want to be treated like shit”, just keep getting treated like shit.

Roxane Gay’s ” Bad Feminist” challenges the theories of what feminism really is and how its definition is altered to exclude different women. I have always heard of the term “White Feminism”, and as a white woman I can see where people would get that impression. People rallying for “free the nipple” instead of equal pay, and showing up in third world countries just for the Instagram picture with Somalian children- I get the branding. Here are a few quotes that really meant the opposite of feminism for me, but for someone women empower them.

“Looking great is a matter of feminism. No liberated woman would misrepresent the cause by appearing less than hale and happy” (Harpers Bazzar 2014) No. Liberated woman and beauty aren’t connected. Beauty standers placed by misogyny in a white -heterosexual -christian society that we live in forces woman to be so gentle and so floral.  It is through the media and writing that this idea of feminism excludes.

“Real feminists earn a living, have money and means of their own” (Elizabeth Wurzel 2012) Sorry Elizabeth, not everyone has the privilege that leads them to automatic success and property. Some feminist don’t want to have money or want to brake the glass ceiling.

“Bad Feminist” made me question what feminism really means. Negative connotations like the quotes, really link  people with the idea that feminism  is negative, and I hope that that stigma will one day be eradicated through positivity and knowledge.



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