I am a Bad Feminist

When I first heard of feminism, it was something that was confusing to me to say the least. I had friends who were constantly saying that we needed to boost each other up, and that if you wanted to do things like be a housewife it was a disgrace to all that had been done to get women out of that position.

What I am quickly learning, and loving, about feminism, is it’s true definition. To be a feminist is not about pushing women up higher than men and taking every opportunity you get to be a corporate superstar. Feminism is about equal opportunity for everyone, regardless of gender. It just so happens to be called this because women are the ones being oppressed.

How does believing this make me a bad feminist? Well, because of the initial definition that had me so confused in the first place. To many people, unless you are fighting against men and their persistent need to degrade women and their capabilities, you are not a feminist. I can’t say how greatly disappointing this is to me, and how hypocritical it is of these women. This is a skewed belief that gives feminism it’s negative connotations, and goes completely against it’s actual definition. As a feminist, I think both men and women are entitled to their rights as human beings! It is a movement that needs to start being accepted for it’s true meaning, as opposed to this flawed motion it’s so popularly portrayed as.


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