“How can you be a feminist if-“

When I read the lines “I am a bad feminist”, I felt not only relieved but obtained a sense of solidarity when someone other than me, thought they were a “bad” feminist as a opposed to a “good feminist”.

This had me thinking, what does a “good feminist” look like anyways? Was a good feminist not supposed to enjoy music? Was a feminist not a human? This was the point that Roxane made that made me read the introduction twice. Like Roxane, I too would listen to music with degrading lyrics about women Expectedly, others around me (especially boys) would ask me, “How can you be a feminist if listen to songs that say you’re a slut? How can you be a feminist if you watch movies that sexualize women?” or “How can you say Beyonce is ‘goals’ if she’s prances around on stage in a leotard for money?”

However, nobody asked me why the porn industry is the only profession in which females make more than males.  Nobody ever asked me how, as a female I felt about a male occupying the same job as a female with more pay, nor did they ask how I felt about females being underrepresented in sports in comparison to males. Feminism is the economic, social, and political equality of men and women. But every now and then people seem to forget the real definition of feminism. So, the next time someone asks me the question “How can you be a feminist if-” I can respond with asking what their definition of feminism is.



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