Constant Protection = Unobtainable

Prior to reading “The Illusion of Safety/ The Safety of Illusion” by Roxanne Gay, I had never given much thought to trigger warnings.  I may have heard someone mention the name here and there, yet I never paid much attention, nor did I fully understand the concept. However I now know what their use is, and due to the fact it is impossible to be protected from everything in the world, I do not believe they are necessary.

I agree that everyone should be conscious of what they say around individuals whom they are aware have had a traumatic past experience. However, I do not think it is a persons responsibility to warn others of what they have chosen to write about.  It is to the discretion of the person reading to decide if this is something they should delve into, or avoid. Expecting or requiring someone to prepare themselves for all the possible reasons they could be triggered, undermines the authors motives for their writing in the first place.  Whether they are writing to get across an opinion, to entertain, or to merely write down their thoughts, their writing is not a jab at any particular person.  I believe trigger warnings are encouraging unnecessary sensitivity to what is said on the internet, because, after all, It is not possible to be protected from everything, neither is it any internet writers’ responsibility to try.


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