I never fully understood the necessity of trigger warnings. Of course there are those that do actually need these tags, but I feel like a lot of people mistaken any subject matter that triggers them to be angry or feel any sort of heightened emotions with the need for trigger warnings. It’s caused the internet to be bombarded with unnecessary trigger warnings for potentially everything and anything out there and it’s misconstrued the whole point of trigger warnings.

The concept itself of trigger warnings to me is problematic. Trigger warnings can help people avoid reliving their trauma but, like all problems, avoidance is never the solution. Understandably you can use trigger warnings to slowly adapt yourself back to being comfortable with the sensitive content that would once trigger you, but it’s so easy for people to just want to remain in this bubble of trigger warnings. Not actually facing the real issue, it’s in this willful censorship that makes it almost counter-productive. For the rest of your trigger-warned life, you won’t overcome your trauma and potentially allow it to manifest. It’s simply not healthy for someone to approach life with the mindset of avoiding everything bad and hoping it would go away. Ten times out of nine when I’ve used that strategy I crash and burn. The best way is to always work through your trauma and seek help if necessary. Help yourself move on so you wont always have this nagging you. When you do, you will come out stronger and more resilient than before.


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