Am I a Bad Feminist?

Yes I consider my self to be a feminist, but there are many different definitions and ideas of what a feminist is, what they do and how they present them selves. And some of these perceptions of feminism make it seem like a bad thing. To some the term feminist means to be an aggressive man hating woman, which is not the case for someone like me.

I have two of the most loving brothers in the world who have raised me to become the person I am today and I am beyond grateful to them, they are the two most important people and in my life and they are men and I am a feminist. To be a feminist you are advocating for the rights of women and how they should be treated as equal to men. You are not wanting women to be better then men, you’re not hating on men and being aggressive with them. At least thats not feminism to me.

Killing them with kindness has been a model for many things in my life and i think it can apply to feminism as well. After all what men would to want to support a bunch of raging yelling women who hate them. For feminists to gain support from men on their journey to being treated equally we must explain to them our struggle in a way that makes them realize women have been through enough and its time men work with us not against.



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