Good Vs. Bad

7473133_origAfter reading A Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, I started asking myself if there is really such a thing as being a good or bad feminist. Although a feminist refers to a strong, independent and powerful woman, who believes in equality,  the label “feminist” is still looked down upon and it is seen as an insult. I’m not sure if I agree with the statement that there are good and bad feminists. Girls and women are always expected to follow or act a certain way that is seen as acceptable and proper but when they don’t, they’re seen as rebels, sluts and as bad feminists. Many people think that the word feminist refers to a woman who is strong, does not show her emotional side, just like men, is independent, does not conform with society and doesn’t follow societal norms. And I strongly reject this notion.

I completely agree with clairemabbott‘s post on “who said that you’re a “bad” feminist”.  I, likewise, am a feminist but that does not mean I don’t follow societal norms or I don’t depend on others. I completely disagree and reject the notion that a proper feminist should hate men, sex, pornography, shouldn’t shave etc.. I don’t think that there is a correlation between dressing, looking or acting a certain way and being a good feminist. As feminist we all agree on one thing; equality. We shouldn’t put labels on people and call them a “bad” or “good” feminist simply because they’re doing something they shouldn’t.  But who really decides what is good and what is bad? Not me.







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