Parable of The Sower: Fact or Fiction?

Perhaps the most striking part of reading Octavia Butler’s “Parable of The Sower” is how realistic the possibility of Lauren’s world is. Although the media is informative enough on the matter, Donald Trump’s presidency seems to be the best evidence available of, at least in the U.S., society’s backward spiral. With that statement, albeit extreme, I mean only that people are afraid of change, and rely on what they know and are comfortable with, which resulted in the election of Trump. It is not quite Trump’s supporters, but those hesitant of Clinton, that truly caused him to rise to power. It is people like these that remind me of characters like Joanne, and who are the sole cause of Parable’s potential reality. Joanne is someone who doesn’t want to believe in the possibility of something going wrong, and doesn’t want to prepare for the worst despite all the obvious signs that that is the best solution available. As a result of people like this, a huge step backward may be in store for the country, and to read about the gruesome details of it’s potential only instils more fear. I hope that the world as a whole learns from characters like Joanne, and abandon her need to deny the inevitable. We need to be more like Lauren, exposed, but accepting. The acceptance of the path you are on helps to prepare you for the road blocks ahead, and they will come regardless. We may as well put up a fight.


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