Parable of the Sower

The novel Parable of the Sower is Octavia Bulter’s vision of our future, a hell on earth. As said in the novel, someone who lives in this modern world not inside a wall lives in virtual hell, where people are always naked, starving and violent. The concept of society in this novel can be compared to some modern TV shows like The Walking Dead, in this show people are constantly trying to make a safely gated community for themselves to live and grow in away from the outside horrors of the modern world.

The main interesting difference between this novel and the modern TV show The Walking Dead is the authors choice of a leader. In the Walking Dead you have a typical strong, handsome white male as your leader, unlike in Parable of the Sower where Lauren is a young 17 year old girl of colour. Butler’s choice of leader is interesting but also very refreshing. To give such power and brains to someone who has virtually none in our modern world is up-lifting. Its such a positive statement in such a depressing book of our dying world.


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