How We Sow Our Seeds


I am a strong believer in God, and I am also a strong believer in taking the stories from the Bible as lessons to be learnt.

In ‘The Parable of the Sower’ by Octavia Butler, I read it as a novel which is depicting the outcome of how we sow our seeds, or specifically how we so out resources. In the Biblical parable, we learn of how the man sowing his seeds was, in a sense, careless of where he planted his seeds. If the seeds are on the path, the birds came to eat. If the seeds were in between rocks, the sun scorched them. As well, if they were in between thorns they were ultimately taken down by the edges of these thorns. Fortunately, the seeds that, by chance, landed in soil were able to grow. They were able to prosper because the foundation of where they lay was one in which they could properly grow.

In this novel, though, we see that sometimes when we, as humans, aren’t planted in a solid, beneficial foundation, we do not grow to be beneficial people. Rather, we become humans who are looking to benefit. This comes as a cost to others, that cost being the well being of those around us, and even more so to ourselves. Those who were committing rape, those who were stealing, and those who were destroying the things, and ultimately the people, around them did not care about their actions. This is because their seeds were planted between the thorns.

We see that, although there ar people who do not commit crimes against their neighbors, were still struggling in their foundation. Ultimately, the novel shows us that regardless of how “good” we believe we are, if planted somewhere else we can become creatures who live by self-fulfillment.


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