Dystopian Protagonists in Comparison

Initially, I was thrilled by the variety of dystopian and post apocalyptic stories that feature young woman as the protagonist. The Hunger Games, Divergent, The 100, these are all books that show how powerful and strong women can be. They have created worlds where even if there is superficiality, it is equally there for both men and women, that even if there are obscenities, they are equally there for both men and women.

Wrapped up in the hopeful predictions of the complete dissipation of misogyny, I couldn’t help but be struck by the profound reality that is Parable of the Sower. That while there still is a strong female protagonist, she lives in a society where it is much better to be a man than a woman. That women are still regarded as more vulnerable and more open to attack. And that evil men can and will attack women in sexual ways that appear almost reserved for females. The book reminds us all that a dystopian world, a post apocalyptic world, no matter how far in the future, will still have a much worse impact on women than men, and it is apparent that it will not change with time or special circumstance, that it can only change with direct, purposeful action.   


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