Biblical Context of the Parable of the Sower

Having been one of the five Muslim girls in my Catholic High school for four years and actively learning and attending mass allowed me to have a good understanding of Christianity, and to look at many things and see it derive from a concept in the religion. For mandatory religion class, we would review arbitrarily chosen verses from the Bible in class analyze them. Coincidentally, the novel had the same name as one of the only  verses that had actually stuck with me.

The Parable of the Sower is a story interpreted by Jesus, about a farmer who has scattered his seeds and each seed had fallen into a different realm of growth, one had fallen into thorns (a state of regression), another had fallen along a path and been trampled on (forgotten and did not make an impact) and another had fell on fertile soil that produced many other good seeds to come. This resembles the type of people that were represented in the dystopian novel. It was the best way I was able to understand the characters. The rapists, arsonists and murders were the seeds that had fallen in the thorns, the people who had been produced stagnant ideas such as are seen as those who had fallen among a trampled path, such as Bianca Montoya the pregnant girl who wanted to continue living with her boyfriend in the same place. However, Lauren did not see herself in a position like hers. Those that produced many more good seeds to come was Lauren as she proved throughout the novel that she was able to manifest an idea of a God as Change and people would be interested in her idea thus, gradually build a community. With the context of the Biblical interpretation, it is much easier to understand the characters, situation and the ending of the novel.


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