Parable of the Sower

It seems odd for a book that was written in the early 1990’s to depict what the future will look like and whether or not it would experience drastic changes. This novel however, in my opinion seems to have predicted it more accurately than ever. Whenever I read these types of books that emphasize corrupt, dystopian-type societies, I can’t help but become worried and come to a realization that even though the story line and characters are fictional, the underlying messages within them always seem to serve as a reality check. Our world is changing and it is not making progress. The first word in the title of the novel says it all, “Parable”. Everyday, we are being taught  lessons that us humans are the ultimate cause of environmental and social changes yet we are completely oblivious to it.
Just like in the book, if we continue to be oblivious to our detrimental actions towards our world, one day we will truly find ourselves killing and turning against each other for survival. There is also a parallel between society in the novel and society in today’s world. By this, I mean Donald Trump and his recent election as president of the United States. The “walled neighborhood”  of the book seems to really draw a similar comparison to Trump’s plans in constructing a wall between the U.S. and Mexican border. In the end, there are constant parallels between novels and real life and it’s astonishing as to how accurate they are most of the time. This makes me genuinely concerned for humankind.


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