Parable of our Imminent Dystopian Future

This past Tuesday night, we all experienced something ground breaking. The president elect Donald Trump was a chance few saw coming, and I can speak for myself, as well as many others, when I say I am worried for the future of America. I’m not sure there could be any better timing to read Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower. At the age of 18, Lauren Olamina is forced out of her once safe walled community into the frightening unknown of the outside. The year is 2027 – rich communities are hiding behind easily breached walls. Food is scarce. Water expenses are higher then that of gasoline. Rampaged dogs are eating the weak. Rape and murder is around every corner. And new fire raged drugs have been introduced. The experiences Lauren faced in her race for her life are not as far fetched some might think. Although being set just a few years off from 2016, I believe this novel creates an alarming truth of what could be to come. As a first world country, our consumptions and practices are ultimately unsustainable without a change in our modern habits. Trump will be the least of everyone’s worries if we don’t put our foot down now. I believe Butler fabricated the main character as a dependent African American woman to verify that you don’t have to be a “powerful” white male to have a say in the world. It is time we begin to look out for one another, by choosing righteousness over catering to one’s own needs.


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