Honour Killings

The concept of honour killings seems to frequently draw back on society and the roles of women within particular cultures. The act of killing someone through honour killings is almost depicted as something that is mandatory to commit when religious views and roles are defied by a person which sounds insane because why or how can someone ever take on the mentality of murdering a loved due to the fact that they refused to perform their cultural role? It is evident that different cultures promote different values and customs throughout their families, however, I don’t think  it is right to consider honour killings a type of “cultural value” or even a legitimate process for that matter because it is honestly, very simply just cold-blooded murder. It now becomes incredibly morbid to think about the expectations of women and how they must conform to this society that men are essentially controlling. Otherwise, they will be killed because choosing to live their own lives is disobedient? I believe that intentionally murdering someone is nothing but a CHOICE and by no means a true religious procedure.


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