Where is the Honour in Honour Killing?


What lies at the center of honour killings is the idea that being a girl is shameful and that every action that the girl takes has to be making up for the inherent evil occupying her body.  Abdullah Yones’ only crime was to not want to be forced into marriage and instead date a guy of her choosing and that was enough to condemn her to death. When people discuss feminism as an antiquated term because women no longer are treated unequally I want to cry. Jacqueline Rose’s Honour-bound: Shafilea Ahmed, Heshu Yones and Fadime Sahindal shows us that this is absolutely not the case. Women are raped, murdered, beat for dishonoring the family but really what they are being killed for is their rambunctiousness, their want to break out of the control their families have them under and to experience life. These killings are not about honour; they are about this warped idea of manhood in which women serve no value unless they are subservient. If it was the girl’s sexual promiscuity that shames the family how does having relatives rape her such as in the case of Banaz Mahmod, bring honour back? What these crimes all have in common is the idea of toxic masculinity in which the only way to be a man is through violence and sexual aggression. This idea is rampant in our society and it does girls and women a tragic disservice but also harms boys who perpetuate this cycle of violence as they grow older.

Sources Cited

Jacqueline, Rose. Honour-bound: Shafilea Ahmed, Heshu Yones and Fadime Sahindal. N.p.: Bloomsbury, 2014. Print.


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