Honour Killings


After reading “Honour Killings” by Jacqueline Rose and being a muslim myself and coming from a country that unfortunately supports honour killing, I’m thankful that I live in a country where honour killing is illegal.

In many Islamic countries thousands of girls are murdered in the name of “honour”. Honour killing is something that started hundreds of years ago and has still continued to exist. Many developing countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan do not have a fair and proper judicial system. There are many girls who have been assaulted and killed, but their Fathers and Brothers have not been sentenced because honour killing is seen as something normal. Many murderers in these countries have gotten away with bribing the judge and jury.  The mothers of these girls have often been assaulted by their husbands themselves and do not have the strength nor the courage to stand up for their daughters because they fear for their own life.

Why must a woman suffer this much? Why are women looked down upon? Why is it so important for them to stay “clean” till marriage and accept the assault? Women are no less than men. If a women is expected to stay clean, so is a men. Many males feel the need to show their masculinity by abusing a woman. Assaulting a woman and treating her badly is seen as a sign of power. In many non-Westernized societies women are still inferior and  subordinate to men, they are mistreated and abused till this day.



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