Honour Killings

Why are Honour killings not spoken or discussed about in the media as much as other murders that occur? While reading a section of Jacqueline Rose’s book “A Piece of White Silk” I was reminded of documentaries that I watched before about honour killings in different cultures. If I did not watch the documentary that I did I would have no knowledge or understanding of what an honour killing is. Through my reading of “A Piece of White Silk” it was evident that honour killings justify a man’s actions (as seen in their country and religion) in bringing an end to a woman’s life who brought dishonour to the family from her actions. “A woman is born pure, she is also judged before she breathes” in certain cultures women are subjected to living a certain way in order to respect the beliefs of her family.  If she does not abide by the “rules” of the family she can be killed. In the case in Jaqueline Rose’s book a father killed his 16-year-old daughter because she was in a relationship with a Lebanese boy (she was supposed to have an arranged marriage to her cousin). When her father found out she was planning an escape he stabbed her to death. What is unusual is that father will be praised and honoured for what he has done. The media rarely cover topics like honour killings but why? If the public is aware, we can try to make a difference in women’s rights in other countries.


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