Why are cliques exclusive?

While reading “The Clique Imaginary” by Alana Massey a question that I formed throughout reading her written piece was, why do members of cliques intentionally make their clique exclusive?  Being a part of a small group of girls in which we do the majority of things together, I understand the importance of having a strong group of friends. In grade 10, I switched schools to a boarding school with a very small population of students; 365 exactly. I was very nervous and scared at the beginning of the year that I would make no friends because I was new. The first day of orientation I could already spot out the cliques that people were a part of. I remember spotting out the clique that reminded me of the “Plastics” from Mean Girls. They all knew each other from the year before, were obnoxiously loud and trying to make others notice them. Their clique did not talk to anyone else nor did try to include others. I remember thinking, if I was a returning student and saw a lot of new students I would try to make them feel included. I saw no purpose in their clique excluding others on purpose. I still to this day do not understand why certain cliques (people) exclude others. I acknowledged while reading Alana’s written piece that even celebrities have cliques. Taylor swift is an example with her clique of very popular celebrities which is still exclusive. Cliques should not be exclusive but rather inclusive.


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