The Way Life Goes

Movies often portray a perfect cookie cutter life that all adolescents aspire to have. When I was younger, I thought that life truly played out the way it did in those romantic comedies I watched forever on end. Every movie ended up the same; having the beautiful girl always given what she wanted and of course ending up with her so called “prince”, living happily ever after. Boy, was I hit with the hard wrath of reality when I turned sixteen. I didn’t have the perfect hair or clear skin, or the perfect clique of lifelong friends, and I certainly did not have the guy of my dreams fawning at my feet.

The film, Frances Ha, does a tremendous job displaying the harsh truth of what life can throw at you. The main character, Frances, is forced to face obstacles after obstacles as she tries to find her place in the world. From losing her best friend, to leaving her job, to being completely and utterly “un-dateable,” Frances learns that life does not always go as planned.

I believe this movie comforts those in their twenty’s and thirties, showing them they should not be ashamed of their life, and more importantly, themselves. Sometimes you have to take what you have and make the best of it. It is only when Frances realizes this, we see her life slowly change for the better. By accepting these hardships, she molds into the independent, strong woman she comes to be by the end of the film. I think this is an important movie for every young adult to sit down and watch. It may just help us all feel a little less alone.


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