Ha, Frances!

In preparation for this film, I had to watch the trailer to get a glimpse of what I was getting myself into, as I am very specific on what I watch and what I don’t. The first word that came into my mind as soon as I finished the trailer was: quirky. Not only the movie, but Frances and her surroundings were quirky as well. Due to her far-out personality it was easier not to take her situation seriously, because Frances herself did not either. Thus, making it easier to view the film as comical. The movie did not strike me as anything special, except the cinematography. The angles and black and white imagery created a much different feel for the movie, which would not have been as enjoyable as it was, if it was in colour.

At times, I struggled to see the purpose of Frances’ erratic behaviour and impulsive decisions, like playing some nonsensical hitting game as a gesture of gratitude in the middle of a park, or going to Paris for two days with no resources. However, I did enjoy the extent of her frankness and blatant honesty that allowed me to appreciate her as a character as well as her wit. The lack of Frances’ verbal filter makes the movie entertaining but her situation is not very original. Frances’ is a “not old” 27 year-old aspiring contemporary dancer in the heart of Brooklyn going through an existential crisis. To make matters even more mediocre, she is unable to independently sustain herself and feels as though everyone around her is succeeding, but she isn’t. This may be entertaining and cater well to a specific audience, but it is safe to say this plot repetitively showcased in many “coming-of-age” projects.


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