Francis Ha and Finding Meaning in a Lost Dream


I disagreed with most of the blog posts about the film Francis Ha being irrelevant. Frances is a 27-year-old watching her dream die while everyone else grows up and excels around her. Her impulsivity in the trip to Paris is her trying to find meaning in her life as well as a distraction from it. The message from Abby after she returned to New York is symbolic of all the missed opportunities in her life. After the disastrous trip and her final realization that she will not be a dancer, she escapes to Vassar retracing her steps back to when her life was carefree and opportunities were endless.

Her reconciliation with Sophie seems to be the tipping point in the film because Francis is able to see that no one’s life is perfect, not even Sophie’s. The ending I will admit is cheesy but I think the message behind it is beautiful and important. Realistically not everyone is going to achieve their dreams and Francis realizes this and turns her passion for dance into a way to support herself. Her choreography is able to bring all her friends together to support her in a way that is healthy because she is no longer relying on anyone for her happiness. My absolute favourite part of the entire film is Frances content and alone in her own apartment and the pride she feels in finally having a space of her own, now truly independent. I thought this movie had a beautiful message on finding happiness within yourself and creating your own path in the world.


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